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In September 2017 we lowered 2,000 prices online, we've now increased this and lowered an extra 2,000 essential items for your school! 

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Terms & Conditions

Where you see the exclusive online pricing logo we have reduced the price of these products online against our 2019-20 published catalogue price. This pricing is only available on orders that are placed online.

We regularly check our online prices against TTS Group, The Consortium Educational and KCS. If our product prices are lower than these competitors on a like-for-like basis, we will show you the savings that you will make by purchasing through us.  If you have a discount or pricing agreement with us, this saving will be included in your overall saving in your basket.

For some products, you can make a further saving by switching to our own brand Classmates alternative. Where these are available, we will show you this in the basket on our website. You can choose to switch individual items, or all eligible products in the basket.  We will show you the savings that this will give you, but of course you are under no obligation to switch.

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